Hi, America (and the people of Reddit)! The Bernie Sanders campaign is not accepting money from super PACs, and is not getting a lot of media attention, so I’ve been tinkering with the idea of creating a kind of guerrilla marketing campaign for the people who support Bernie. Right now I’m trying to design some informative 24×36 posters and stickers that would be free for people to download, print out (in sections to tape together, or a full print) and put up all over cities and towns to inform the public. I noticed that Hillary’s campaign logo and branding is very Hillary-centric, whereas Bernie’s campaign message is focused on serving the American people, and I really wanted to emphasize that glaring contrast. I have included some (VERY) rough sketches/ideas below. Feel free to critique to your heart’s content. This is not about searching for compliments. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas (on anything from quotes, to branding, to colors and layout, to copy writing, to links and hashtags to include, etc.) so I/we can produce the strongest marketing campaign possible. If there are any other designers in the house, I’m especially interested in your input. This is only the beginning. Thank you!